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Ten essentials for the novice runner who signed up for a marathon on a whim.

Last April I was inspired to start running after I'd watched in awe as thousands of people ran the marathon through our London streets. What I'd noticed was the fact that not everyone running on that day looked to be your typical athletic runner. Far from it, to be honest.
There I was, wearing Baxter over my flabby post-baby belly, cheering on as seemingly unfit men and women slowly walk-jogged past me. The difference between us: they were walk-jogging a FULL MARATHON. What had I done since giving birth? A few stretches here and there. A wander around the zoo. But nothing to get me back into my pre babe shape. 
I went home that day entirely inspired from the scene. That week I signed up for my first marathon. Time to get some gear!
Whether your goal is to run for five minutes or run a marathon, here are my top ten essentials for the novice runner:
1. Breathable Vest to help cool you down on those long runs. Even in the coldest weather, you'll be sweaty in no time!
2. Quic…

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