Thursday, 14 February 2013

happy heart day ya'll

Spent yesterday baking up a storm (a very tempestuous sloppy icing & runny chocolate storm) and singing show tunes with my new partner in crime Katy. I can't wait to tell you more about our exciting new venture.  Watch this space.

This valentine's day I had the chance to bake some utterly geeky Pac Man inspired valentine cookies for a pal & her utterly geeky boyfriend. Had to refrain from eating all the little spots myself. 

I leave you lovely readers with little pressie -  a mini valentine edition mix tape filled with love (& anti-love) songs. I hope you all have a wonderful day. 

Wavves - Green Eyes
Warpaint - Krimson
Reba Macentire & Linda Davis - Does He Love You 
Madness - It Must Be Love


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Voodoo & Bullfrogs

Valentines day. The hallmark holiday often dreaded by many a young singleton. Fear not. Single or loved up, this is the perfect chance to get in the kitchen and bake something simple for the ones closest to you.

Gaining inspiration from all my anti-valentine celebrating friends, this year's cookies took a voodoo & bullfrog (prince) theme…

What you'll need:

cookie cutters or stencils
piping kit (I used the pinhole tip)
cocktail sticks

Roll out your dough & cut into your desired shapes. Transfer the shapes onto a baking sheet lined with grease proof baking paper. Pop into the oven at 170C for approximately 15 minutes, or until slightly golden at the edges.

Take out and cool on a wired rack.

Decorate when fully cooled.

Top tip: To get that clean lookin' icing on your cookies, pipe a thin line of icing around the outside rim of your cookie. Leave to harden for a minute, then dollop a small amount of icing in the centre of your cookie. Gently spread the dollop with the sharp end of a cocktail stick until the frosting covers the base of your cookie. The outline that you piped earlier will help prevent the runny dollop of icing from spreading over the edge of your cookie.

viva love

Saturday, 2 February 2013

some nights, memphis is too far away

long drives through night skies
kudzu choking the trees
chigger bugs humming through the sticky summer breeze
sliding into vinyl covered booths and filling up on home cookin
the smokey bars
the rock & roll

1. the arcade restaurant, downown memphis
2. ernestine & hazels, downown memphis
3. the most famous initials in memphis
4. vinyl booth dining, ajax diner, oxford mississippi
5. there's nothing quite like southern home cookin, ajax diner
6. huey's famous rings
7. walkin with my feet ten feet off of beale
8. coffee bar, sun studios
9. main street trolley ride 
10. bbq tofu nachos, rp tracks, memphis
11. selling your soul
12. peabody vip
13. the beauty shop
14. he had a dream
15. i'll be seein' you