Sunday, 27 June 2010

Little Chef at Large...

I've known little Jacob ever since he was a twinkle in his mum's eye (and a little bean in her belly). Though our paths have not crossed as of late...what, being across the pond and all...I thought I would show my appreciation for this little fella (and budding chef) by posting one of his recent recipes:


Jacob's Nab Sarnie!!

A litte backstory from Mum Dawn:

This is what my child tried to feed me for breakfast this morning. Another one of his "famous recipes". Nabs (for the MS folks that's peanut butter on cheese crackers) & provolone cheese on whole wheat.


2 Slabs Wholewheat Bread
1 Slab Provolone Cheese
A couple-o-Nabs (Cheesey Peanut Butter Crackers)
A dash-o-Tony Chachere (for a nice kick)

Assemble ingredients between the two Slabs of Wholewheat and serve to Mommy.

I love me a bit of peanut butter!

Until Next Time...