Little Chef at Large...

I've known little Jacob ever since he was a twinkle in his mum's eye (and a little bean in her belly). Though our paths have not crossed as of late...what, being across the pond and all...I thought I would show my appreciation for this little fella (and budding chef) by posting one of his recent recipes:


Jacob's Nab Sarnie!!

A litte backstory from Mum Dawn:

This is what my child tried to feed me for breakfast this morning. Another one of his "famous recipes". Nabs (for the MS folks that's peanut butter on cheese crackers) & provolone cheese on whole wheat.


2 Slabs Wholewheat Bread
1 Slab Provolone Cheese
A couple-o-Nabs (Cheesey Peanut Butter Crackers)
A dash-o-Tony Chachere (for a nice kick)

Assemble ingredients between the two Slabs of Wholewheat and serve to Mommy.

I love me a bit of peanut butter!

Until Next Time...



  1. Jacob and I love this post. :) His response was "I guess I am the best cook" Yeah, I've done a great job teaching my child to be humble, right?

  2. That would be good with a slice of turkey as well!

  3. Jacob can come cook in my kitchen anytime!

    Love, K

  4. I have some other pics of some of his other "famous recipes" as he calls them. I'll have to post them on my blog soon so you can see them. They tend to have a common theme: peanut butter and cheese.


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