Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog

Ever since Delilah's penchant for leather turned to the demise of her (rather expensive) collar bought from Doggy Fashion in Hove, Mr. Bluebirdcage and I have been on the lookout for a new doggy boutique for Lila's neckwear.

Enter Holly & Lil.

Set on Bermondsey Street, just shy of London Bridge, this quaint boutique opens its entrance (a white picket fence) to a beautiful assortment of hand crafted collars and leads for dogs & cats alike. Can't find the size you need? Holly & Lil, also offer bespoke designs & fittings to accommodate to your pet's needs.

Boutique wrapping. Wall of leads. Resident pups. New collars.

The staff are very friendly & accommodating and even remembered the names of Delilah & Vinny (our new boy) when the hubs & I returned for a second visit.

The collars are not cheap, but the price is credited in the craftsmanship & couture styling of each season's lines. For Delilah, we opted for a limited edition pale pink Harris Tweed (yes, certain lines have limited availability!), and followed it up by a vibrant pink colourblocked number.

We're bound to go back for another visit once Vin joins the family for good.


Until next time...



  1. It only makes Delilah more beautiful. Auntie Beth


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