Tea for Two, Two for Tea

One year ago today, my sister brought this wonderful girl into my life:

Happy Birthday Eliza!!

To celebrate, sister bluebirdcage is throwing an English style tea party in her back garden…in Iowa. None the less, I plan to attend via video messaging (bless the internet!) and have baked sugar cookies to enjoy from this side of the pond.

Admittedly, sugar cookies have high precedence on this blog - whether they were baked for an event or collaboration, there's no beating this simple truth: I love the versatility of a sugar cookie!!

Teacup Cookies

'ave an edible cuppa

To assemble:

1: Cut out several cookies using a circular cookie cutter

2: Using a sharp knife, split the circle into two pieces

3: Gently press the rounded ends of the split cookie together, so that they stick to each other once again

4: Use a sharp knife to cut away 3/4 of the bottom portion of the cookie - the small piece remaining will form the base of the teacup.

5: To make the handle, roll a small piece of dough until it is long and thin, then shape it into whatever handle style you'd like.

6: Gently press the handle into place - voila, you've got yourself an edible teacup!

Cuppa Edge Cookies

a simple side to your cuppa

1) Cut out your desired shapes

2) Using a sharp knife, cut out a slim rectangular shape running from the edge to the centre of the cookie.

3) Sprinkle with sugar and bake for 15min at 170C.

4) Slide the cookie onto the edge of your cuppa, or go straight in for the dunk!

tea time!

Until next time...



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