Gone Grovin

Every September I hitch a ride back to the land of my alma matter to reunite with family members old and new. Tailgating with the rest of the Ole Miss community (and our rivals - we southerners are very hospitable), the extended family bluebirdcage pitched tent next to the University's iconic Lyceum.

Ain't no family reunion like a Grove family reunion!

The Lyceum - a true icon of the University of Mississippi's past. Once an old plantation home, transformed into a hospital to serve wounded soldiers in the Civil War. Years down the line it provided the backdrop for a major civil rights movement.

The family tents: 2 for dining, 2 for lounging

The sweets: pecan pie, banana pudding (two LARGE batches), cookies, trail mix...

Assorted chilled salads & Rebel roses.

Breakfast scramble, brisket & the infamous Shipley's donuts.

More nibbles (not pictured, glass bottled coke with salty peanuts.)

My niece getting ready to attend her first American football game - Go Rebs!

Family portrait with Colonel Reb (and a random drunken Georgia fan who's buddies paid $50 to pop into our picture)

Until next time...

Hotty Toddy


  1. Special times, good times! Aunt Beth


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