A Tale of Two Neighbours

No4 always catch me out of a bind - from clearing our drain pipes when they block, to rescuing mr bluebirdcage's dormant car tyre from a slow puncture while he's out of town. Not to mention, the avid bird watcher of No4 is always there for a friendly hello & has a keen spot for little miss Delilah.

On occasion, No6 has caught me janglin 'round the kitchen, baking and cleaning to the likes of Howlin Wolf - singing at the top of my lungs and dancing like no one's watching. One hand raps gently on the window, while the other waves a courgette greeting my way. No6's allotment grown courgettes are a thing of beauty: fresh, crisp, and always in abundance during the summer months. 

Today was time to say 'thank you' to these two wonderful neighbours*. Mama's sweet friendship loaves worked just the treat.

combine the above

friendship br(acelet)ead

 brown paper packages tied up with string...

*Stabby neighbour had to sit this 'thank you' out. Too many slams of the door, glazed over expressions and visits from the fuzz for my liking.

Until next time...


  1. Oh, that looks so good. Suddenly wishing I was your neighbor. I sat next to you in Biology 101. Does that count?

  2. You also had a bun in your oven at the time (boom boom chick!)x


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