a little (grilled) cheese

Without fail, the first plan of action when I fly home is to hop in my papa's truck and drive to Sonic Drive In. Nothin settles my jet-lagged tummy quite like a grilled cheese, a side of tater tots & a fudge milkshake.

Nearly a year ago, after months of well-orchestrated planning with papa bluebirdcage, I hopped on plane to surprise my mama for her 50th birthday.

After a nine hour flight to Chicago and a mini internal flight to Memphis (including an intermittent six hour layover, which I spent instant messaging mama bluebirdcage, telling her tales of weekend boredom and back to back movie watching - feeling a bit like Carrie in Sex & the City, hiding from my computer's built in camera…"can she see me?!?" - my subconscious nervously asked), I met my sister and her family - who also secretly drove eleven hours from Iowa - at the airport. 

We then set off on the last leg of our journey to the only place - the perfect place - we could think of:

Sonic Drive In

Happy (early) birthday mama.


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