Turning it all around

Iron deficiency has been a silent beast lurking around inside me for years. Admittedly, it’s something I’ve always shrugged my shoulders at and carried on without thinking of until we started trying for a little buddy. With a wake up call from the midwife yesterday I know that I need to shift things up another gear. (Not to worry, little man isn’t affected - he’s draining me of all my irony goods, including the supplements I've been taking. I just need to top them up for my own benefit or else I'll be in the dreaded 'high risk' category of pregnancy. A very scary thought.) 

With two bulky grocery bags and a waddle home, today is the day I turn things around. Here’s a little list of ingredients to help you form your own iron army:

- Legumes: chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils
- Nuts: cashews and pistachios top my list
- Leafy greens: spinach and kale - soooo happy that I have the taste for greens again!
- Red Meat: beef and lamb (muscles, scallops and liver pack the biggest punch). Being a recovering vegetarian and living in a ‘no red meat’ zone, this is the last category to step into my diet. I’ll be balancing my chicken with a bit of steak from now on.
- Organic Dark Chocolate: Montezuma’s is a favourite! Sorry creme eggs, I’ll be shelving you for a while.

Try to remember not to eat these ingredients alongside dairy & breads, as the iron will be swallowed up and lost forever...this is a rule that I've only just learned and need to live by. (Obviously don't cut those ingredients from your diet, just eat them at separate times.)

Fingers crossed to healthier blood.


  1. Oh, the horror of having to work more dark chocolate into your diet! I'm sure all the fortification will pay off :)

    (Strange as it might sound, those dark red kidney beans are making me swoon. They're my fave! I love them on salads.)

    1. Haha! If only chocolate was the best source, I'd have no issues getting it in.


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