This, That, and Vegan Pancakes

A warming sun has made his big debut over the last couple of weeks, bringing happiness and light to this home of ours. It’s wonderfully calming on those days I’ve spent achey-hipped, indoors. Sash windows cracked open airing out and waking up this winter-tired house. Hello lovely spring. We’ve been waiting for you.

My mind is a little bit of everywhere at the moment. Flitting from baby, to wedding, to garden, to home diy (mainly painting, which I’ve been advised not to do), then back to baby. An endless circle of to dos. Big to dos. Exciting to dos. Wish I could do to dos. 

But! I stumbled upon a wonderful recipe for the perfect fluffy american pancake. (yayyy comfort food!) Rather than baking a batch of cookies and eating them all to myself (although the fatty in me wants it!), I thought I’d treat myself and little man to something a little better for our ever expanding body. Topped with bananas, honey, blueberries and pistachios one day. And bananas, honey and almond flakes the next. The batter makes 6 pancakes. Go ahead and give them a try:

1 1/4c Self Raising Flour
2tbsp Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
1 1/4c Water
1tbsp Sunflower Oil

Mix the ingredients well in a bowl. Spoon the batter onto a heated skillet. When tiny bubbles appear all over your cake and the edges look solid, flip that bad boy. Heat the other side until browned.

Add toppings and enjoy.


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