A little party for little buddy

A couple weeks ago we threw a little shindig in anticipation of little buddy’s arrival. Far from the traditional baby shower, I really wanted T to be there - after all, he played a big hand in making this little family of ours grow. And why stop there? We extended invites to those people who make us feel most loved and have held our hands throughout this journey. Who needs a ‘girl-only’ crowd when you can have a crowd full of love?

The table was set with fresh florals, recycled and vintage glass jars & pottery, and homemade pom poms (which I made for little man’s gender reveal). While visiting my family in Iowa, I adored these flags that mama used to decorate my niece and nephew’s room with. Even though T & I didn’t know we’d successfully make an Iowa baby (!), I decided to buy some for our little buddy. A few months down the line (and a huge belly later) they played a key leading role in the look of our party.

On the menu:

- vanilla cake with chocolate fudge icing. decorated with fresh flowers, woodland creatures, and handmade 'oh boy' cake topper (baked and decorated by me!)
- my signature sugar cookies: daisies, rosebuds, ‘Oh Boy’ & ‘B’ scripted cookies
- popcorn bar & candy filling station (subtly chosen in boyish colours)
- T’s savoury pork meatballs with pasta & a mini sandwich selection (bless that boy!)
- freshly cut veggies
- tea and coffee station

Friends and family also loaded us with finger sandwiches, scrumptious baked goods (have you heard of fifteens?!), cheese twists, potato salad, etc - there was enough food to entertain for days!

As a keepsake from the day, we left out a book for loved ones to fill out their guesses on:

- baby names (favourite guessed include: Buddy, Elvis, Tiny)
- birth date & weight (14lbs & 2 weeks late wasn’t a nice answer!)
- who & what little buddy will look like (Jarvis Cocker? What have I been up to??)

The day was laid back/emotional/fuelled by food/filled with love. 
All of the above. 

A special thanks to all who made our day wonderful (whether near or far). You know who you are. We love ya'll so much.Xx


  1. It looks like such a cute celebration. I feel like I was there...

  2. I thought I commented on this, but apparently it didn't go through!

    I LOVE this! I am not a big fan of cheesy baby showers myself, and it looks like ya'll managed to have a shower that was just perfect for you. The cookies look AMAZING by the way, so I guess you got your mojo working! Love to you, T, and little Buddy <3

  3. P.S. I see that A1 sauce in the background. Holla!


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