Vegan Distaster and a Cayenne Kick!

Today's culinary quest brought to you by:

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook - by: Tarek Malouf & the Hummingbird Bakers

It seems that Everyone has purchased this book as of late, and it's no wonder why. It's chocca block full of down-home, American-inspired recipes of the (cup)cake, muffin, and pie varieties. Not to mention it's written by the notorious Hummingbird Bakers from the renowned Hummingbird Bakery in Londontowne!

Recipe 1: Black Bottom Cupcakes (p.27)

Black bottom cupcakes cary a sort of nostalgic feel to them. Not particularly because my mother baked them all the time (because I don't believe she ever has...),but because they were one of the first non-traditional baked goods I can remember eating. Moist chocolatey cupcakes with a chocolate spiked cheesecake surprise. What could go wrong?

Doubling up on the Hummingbird recipe, I opted to make one batch as per the original recipe and another batch with a vegan twist (for the hubs' weekly chocolate fix)! Word to the wise, vegan cream cheese is quite watery and I've yet to perfect a good, bake-able vegan cream cheese recipe...

The following pictures depict what was to happen.
Lets play: 'Guess the Vegan Cupcake'

Verdict: Original recipe - Spot on, beautiful chocolate sponge with a smooth and delicious cheese cake topping. Vegan recipe - Ever so ooey-gooey, I'm sure they taste alright...I will leave this one to the hubs ;)

Recipe 2: Spinach and Cheese Muffins (p.118)

Coming from a strict sweet blueberry muffin background, I was entertained by the option of a savoury muffin. The book gives three savoury options, and being a big fan-o-fromage I had to try this one. Spinach brings a beautiful colour contrast to these golden brown muffins, whilst red onions and cayenne pair together to give these muffins a wonderful kick!

Verdict: This spinach & cheese muffin has a cayenne kick that will have you coming back for more. Trust me, I've already had two!!

Until next time...