Cassandra's Cup

My parents and I recently made a whirlwind tour of the UK - starting in Stratford Upon Avon, rolling on up to Edinburgh, and trekking it on back to London-towne. Of the many food stops along the way, this one had to be my favourite...


Cassandra's Cup
(be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Darcy)

Cassandra's Cup is a charming little tea room located directly outside the front steps of Jane Austen's family home. Named after Jane's sister, the tea room offers everything from tea & coffee, to cakes, soups & sarnies.

What better place to rest after taking a romantic stroll around the Austen household?

Daily specials are written on wipe-away boards shaped as teapots, whilst mouthwatering treats are displayed inside glass covered cake stands below.

Savoury soups are served in oversized teacups, and the ceiling is sprinkled with a colourful assortment of vintage teacups - bringing an overall Alice in Wonderland feel to the place.

Our menu consisted of Vegan (yes, they're vegan friendly!) Asparagus Soup, Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, & a Brie and Cranberry Sandwich...lest we forget, several pots of Tea and a black Coffee (for myself).

I coulda swore I saw Mr. Darcy in the corner table...

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