London Calling

Today was spent strolling down the Thames with good friends, sunshine, & 99's.

The four of us traveled from our respective corners of London and met on the Southbank where the beach has taken over.

Customised huts dot the pathway just opposite the Royal Festival Hall. Each showcasing a different theme - from beachwear to 1950s storm surges (you can check it out here)

Water Water Everywhere...

A makeshift sandpit has been built to sit alongside the used book fair. Couples flip through worn pages whilst their children fill up bright yellow pails with dry sand...only to be disappointed when their great castles don't hold. Triangle banners flutter overhead & bright yellow signs post summer nostalgias; some favourites include 'Knobbly Knees', 'Walk the Plank', & 'Are We There Yet'.

After walking the Southbank, we hit up Gourmet Burger where burger dedications to Kate & Wills can be bought at a small fee. Dearest Nino chose the Kate burger which was topped with two thick onion rings - no doubt to symbolise the upcoming nuptials.

On route home, 99's were had by all (much to our fleeting disgust that they cost £2.)

Two quid AND stingey with the topping!

Speaking of Kate & Wills, looky who we came across in Green Park...

Damn, did the hair give it away?

Until next time...



  1. I gave you an award for being such an inspiration!


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