Wills Gets His Girl

Today, I ditched the C2 for a stroll through Green Park and the gates of Buckingham Palace where preparation for the big day has been going on for weeks.

Wills & Kate 4-ever

Tents and folding chairs line the barriers of the Mall & the roundabout in front of the palace. Flags are tied to the banisters to indicate where people have traveled from. Wine was poured. Buskers played to the masses. Policemen stopped to pose for pictures with naff hatted pilgrims.

Camping out.

It seems the press have the best seats - with their grandstands and high rigs - all waiting for the climactic balcony scene.

Glamping out.

In truth, it's the happiest I've ever seen this city. (Perhaps because the area is mostly comprised of tourists?) Whatever the case, it's a welcome change.

From the office to the streets.

Needless to say, tomorrow will be spent with the masses in front of the telly, tuned into the Royal Wedding (and I'm pretty friggin excited about it!). The prince will have his princess, and I will have my quiche & mini victoria sandwiches!

Thanks for the four day weekend Wills & Kate - and best of luck.

Until next time…



  1. These are great shots. And a real piece of history (eventually) Have fun tomorrow... A little baffled that you get the day off but the English are a crazy group. ;)


  2. Totally awesome! Would love to be hanging with you even if it were back at Campus Walk!!!!

  3. The whole deal reminds me of the Grove on a gameday - escalated by thousands. Oddly enough, making me miss kudzoo country. It's all so surreal.

  4. So jealous you are right there, while I am going to be getting up at 4am just to watch on the telly! Have fun tomorrow :d thanks for the sweet comment xo


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