Bits and bobs for the new year...

[1] Snail mail

In this electronic age where everything is instant, the art of letter writing has taken a back step (and perhaps faded away) from most of our lives.

Remember that tingle in your belly when you last received a friendly letter in your post box? The smudged ink on lined paper. The mini off-side sketches. The polaroid tucked safely into the envelope...

In a bid to keep this art form alive, I've gathered a few addresses from friends of old and will be breaking out the ol' pad and pen from time to time. Hooray for pen pals.

[2] Tidy desktop, tidy mind

A friend of mine jokingly said 'tidy desktop, tidy mind'. Joking aside, after gathering two-years worth of images & files, I've finally organised my beloved mac and feel all the better for it. Check out the tidiness:


I also took to my closet - a known land mine to my husband and all who set eyes on it. 5 bags to charity, 2 bags to eBay, and 1 bag to friends & family later, my closet is looking immaculate. It's funny the amount of 'must-have' free crap one gathers when working in fashion.

here's hoping it stays that way.

[3] All quiet on the baking front

Remember when I baked a lot? Two recipes every Sunday without fail; posting my own recipes on this little blog. (Me too, sigh...)

Somewhere in the midst of blown out mixer engines & working with a team who don't eat sweets (who else would I pawn the baked goods onto?), my baking motivation has failed me (and you, poor readers).

Well, Christmas graced me with this buttermilk steel beauty:

look at her go!

My amazing mom and pops took note that I've been pining over this sleek (but too expensive for my budget) piece of kitchen machinery for years, and surprised me with their want to purchase one for me.

Here's to turning over a new baking leaf.

And just to show you I'm still in the baking game…here's one of the little goodies I baked on Christmas Eve:

house of ginge

p.s. happy birthday Elvis.x


  1. Making a clean sweep of things and sharing a little Elvis. Your the best! Bake, bake on... mwah!


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