Kilner Jars

We southerners use mason jars for everything: picklin', preservin', drinkin' our iced still lemonades on a hot afternoon - the jar's sweat trickling down our arms, helping to cool down in the muggy Mississippi heat. 

In a bid to sneak a bit of Mississippi nostalgia into the bluebirdcage household, this weekend I invested in the English equivalent  - the Kilner. (Next it'll be red solo cups)

Ain't they purty?

Impossible Project

So, you were told polaroid film had become extinct? This couldn't be further from the truth! Oh happy day!

Back in 2008, under our grieving noses, the people at the Impossible Project snapped up the last Polaroid plant and began creating new and exciting films for vintage polaroid cameras. Browse their stockists here!

On my most recent trek back to the motherland, my lovely friend Amanda re-introduced me to the wonderful world of  instant photography. As we played tourist for the day*, I was surprised when she pulled out her old polaroid sun 600 and snapped four keepsake photos during the day. I couldn't believe she used one, two, three, four polaroids on little ole me!

*Amanda's post about our day of tourism puts anything I would write to shame - read it & browse her photos here. Beware beautiful food porn.

P.S. Looky who I found while cleaning out mom and pop's attic…(!)

Yellow Cake

Tired of searching the back shelves of American food stockists for a box of yellow betty crocker cake mix (when I should be mixing it myself), I stumbled upon this delicious recipe online.  Okay, I got lazy on the icing and bought a tub of betty crocker fudge topping. It's gives and takes.

Anyway...recipe submitter David, you're a genius. 

Le Temps de L'Amour


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