Cut & Paste

I've spent the past two weekends a total recluse, head down, cutting and pasting fashion clippings & lovely colours to boards for a work presentation. Stone Roses & 2:54 passing my ears on repeat. Imagine the state of mind I'd been in: a tangle of nerves, excitement, stress - feeling like  a school girl again. 

D-day has been and gone, and I finally feel myself sliding happily back into routine.

Mac Is Whack

Three girls on a quest to find that perfect macaroni and cheese.

Always one with a penchant for the tasty golden stuff, I've set out alongside my girls Maria & Katy to review every last mac n cheese joint in Londontowne. Read about our culinary adventures here.*

*Let's just hope we're not as judgemental on my own mac n cheese skills at this week's southern theme'd birthday extravaganza…might be shooting myself in the foot with this one.

Sweetie Pies Chicken & Fish Fry

By now all ya'll know I'm a veggie…but this jingle (sent to me by my sis) makes me wanna go to Iowa and eat some chicken & fish fry.  Crank it!!

Party Stuffs
It's birthday week ya'll!
While searching for some lovely party stuffs for the upcoming two eight celebration, I came across A wonderland of goodies, I had to stop myself from adding things to the basket.

Chariots of Fire

The Olympics are finally here and Danny Boyle did us proud with that opening ceremony…even if the beginning was a bit LOTR meets Gangs of New York: Five rings to rule them all.

Admittedly I haven't been too excited about the Olympics until now. Funny what seeing a posse of Poppinses defending the dreamworld from giant Voldemorts and child catchers can do. (lollipops and ice creams…) Lest we forget James Bond teaming up with the actual QUEEN - what a lege!

I spent the ceremony jiving around my bestie's living room - trying to burn off the full pizza I just ate and capturing embarrassing pictures & videos to remember the night.


  1. I LOVED seeing your Olympic opening ceremony viewing exploits! So fun! And I think the Queen/James Bond was my fave thing that happened during the whole event. Besides maybe hearing The Jam play during the dance/texting/love story sequence!


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