So here it is

A derelict gingerbread house sits half-eaten in the corner of our kitchen and there is a distinct lack of cheese in the fridge. Ralphie shot his eye out and Rudolph befriended Bumble. This could only mean one thing: Christmas has come and gone.

The holiday seemed to sneak up on us this year. Our minds pre-occupied with work work work and extremely poorly pups. But our christmas spirit had not faltered. If anything, all the woes made Christmas & family time more precious (just try not to think about that Downton special).

Our Christmas kitchen saw a couple sweet bread loaves, mini meringues and several gingerbread houses this year - the first of which Mr Walter single paw-edly ate (you'd think after his whole sock eating emergency surgery palava, he would have learned his lesson)!  The second gingerbread house took pride of place at my mother-in-law's christmas party - where grandpa started the demolition by pulling the front door off. It was a tasty destruction.

Santa brought all sorts of baking goodies, wrapped perfectly in brown paper packing & tied up with string: glass bowls, a retro timer, wooden spoons, brownie pans, etc. All fitting into the plans to de-clutter & colour scheme the kitchen. That jolly ole man sure is swell. 

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and enjoy the new year celebrations to come.


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