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It's a blustery week filled with exciting changes. Weather permitting, the local woods have been a wonderful place to clear my head and meet a muddy pup or two while they scrounge for the almond croissant flakes that surround the ground beneath my bench. Our lodger has moved out. It was a surprisingly weepy affair that ultimately left me in ultra nesting mode (we moved into his old room the second the final click of the door sounded. Sorry, not sorry!). We are elated! I've become queen of the flat pack, assembling a rocking chair and cot in the span of three hours (with lasagne breaks). 

On the buddy front, after a night of fasting I was poked, prodded and fed an 'orange drink' *shudder* over several hours by hospital nurses. All routine and for the greater good I suppose. He didn't mind. Dancing and entertaining me with moving lumps & thumps in my belly as I sat on the cusp of boredom, trying to read my book. Who could be bored with a dancing belly?? Although by the looks of all the other mums-to-be in that waiting area, with there head's deep in iPhone land, I'm pressed to think that I was alone in my entertainment. I hope that isn't true.

Here are some links to stifle your boredom...

Is being sober hurting my career? Something I used to ponder and can sympathise with. 

Loving our new belly baskets.

Need this tee in my life. 

Would love to try a hand at this

Koala meringues? Yes please!

Heads of State when they were all young and hunky.

Planning green space.

Living walls and a slide from floor to floor? Living in a (grown) kid's dream.

The floor plan for Frasier's flat. What a bachelor. 

Interior tales from a Mississippi home.


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