Rainy Days

A little birdie told me that Memphis reached a sizzling 92 degrees this past week. Meanwhile the hosepipe ban carries on in a very drizzly London. Some days it seems I'm the only one walking through the rain with a smile on my face. Surrounded by overturned brollies and slightly panicked faces, I just twist my hair up into a headkerchief, snuggle up in an oversized knit scarf, and let ipod shuffle work her wonders. 

Mini mix tape for a rainy day:
Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
Joy Division - Shadowplay
Desire - Under Your Spell

This damp bank holiday morning was spent wandering a canal boat fair down Warwick Avenue way, sipping endless cuppas, & scoring delicious food stall treats down on the south bank all with the lovely Ninopaulito

An enjoyable rainy day in pictures...

sipping coffee under cover

river dwellers

steam punks

 one man bands

lunch of cheddar & pepper quiche, bombay potato filo wrap, and a cheese & spinach filo wedge. all for a fiver!


If this isn't enough to bring you outside on a rainy day, then I can't help ya. At least you can always stay in and bake!

Until next time.


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