Who said us veggies enjoy eating rabbit food?

This week mr. bluebirdcage and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. F.I.V.E. Crazy to think that so much has happened in the seven years since we first met at the gig in Memphis. Gotta love merch boys.

We celebrated the day as we normally would on any other - with a curry takeaway and a movie - knowing that on Saturday we'd be road tripping to Brighton, set to a soundtrack of Wavves & the Young Veins, for a stroll along the tourist-filled promenade and dinner at our favourite veggie restaurant - Terre a Terre.

Dining at Terre a Terre has become somewhat of a tradition for the hubs & I ever since they made our deliciously moist and overly chocolatey vegan wedding party cake. Surrounded in dark chocolate straws and dotted with seasonal berries and edible flowers, we were stunned by the quality of that vegan cake (something that so many people get wrong).

We made the decision to try out Terra a Terre's cuisine asap…and boy are we happy we did! This is not your average veg restaurant. It is an award winning veg restaurant with immaculate dish presentation and mouthwatering flavours that excite your taste buds. Who said us veggies enjoy eating rabbit food?

Spoilt for choice, and determined not to stick with my go-to choice of Rosti Revisited (the drool-worthy dish I eat EVERY time I go there) it was hard to decide to eat! In the end, this is what made its way to the table…

Virgin Grapefruit Mojito: Enough said.

Terre a Tapas Plate (for two) - Five dishes from around the menu: 

From front to back:
- Stacked fried corn cakes with avocado & lime dressing and a sweet chilli sauce
- Miso potato boulangères under a bed of beanshoots, mustard greens, and a black bean tamari glaze
- Falafel on a bed of humus topped with swirled chillis

 From front to back:
- Crisp flatbreads with an aubergine dip, sided with a spice dusted puree of edamame beans
- Smoked sesame tofu on a bed of sea greens, crispy strips and sweet cashews (not usually a fan of tofu - this stuff was the bees knees!)

Truffle Pea Rosti (for the hubs):
Crispy potato rosti topped with pan-seared lemon pepper asparagus, creamy sheep's cheese, mushy peas and a truffle pea sauce. (A new addition to the menu & variation of my favourite rosti-revisited - absolutely scrumptious.)

Better Batter and Lemony Yemeni Relish (for me!):
Eat your heart out vegetarian 'fish and chips.' Battered buttermilk soaked halloumi sided with fat chips, a minty pea hash topped with vodka soaked tomatoes, and a lemon based relish topped with pickled quails egg.

The Chocohollic - Four mouth watering chocolate puddings on one plate (stuffed on all the above, we dared to share):

From left to right:
- Chocolate & hazelnut tart with salt caramel glaze drizzled with espresso lacquer
 - Mini chocolate meringue on a bed of cinnamon cream and strawberries
- Banana custard fritters with a thick shot of chocolate for dipping (I downed it in one)
- Chocolate truffle cake with a gooey chocolate sorbet and fresh berries

Even the most head strong carnivores can't resist this stuff.
Until next time…