Things I've learned from country music television

My eight year old self spent many a night falling asleep to CMT set to a thirty minute timer. The likes of Yoakam, Tillis & Brooks crooning me to sleep with their country twang.

When I uprooted from Germany to North Dakota, the kids poked fun at my lack of knowledge on the MTV generation (somewhat ironically, if you've ever been to the endless fields of wheat that occupy that state). Embarrassed, I left my country roots in order to fit in with the crowd.

Twenty years down the line, I realise unashamedly that CMT has taught me so much:

[1] Marty Stewart's pearl encrusted & embroidered coats are enough to inspire Balmain's fall'12 collection.

[2] I can thank Pam Tillis for my love of tattoos.

[3] The Judds were cutting edge - building bridges of love…in 3D. (Yes, I had this video on vhs and watched it on numerous occasion; white paper glasses with those blue & red perspex windows perched on the tip of my nose.) 

[4] Dwight Yoakam - What can I say? Those tight leather trousers. That hat. Those moves…

aww sookie.

I'm realising the longer I live in the UK, the more my roots start to show...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

last summer's trek to the holy land
Until next time...


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