As of last week, my family has upped sticks to the land of flowing corn fields, twinkle bugs, future birth places and state fairs. Are they in Heaven? No. They're in Iowa.

With a new family home purchased and my sister's little one getting bigger by the minute, I'm day-dreamin about catching the first plane to a new home & new adventures - playin ball with ghosts in the corn, seein a young captain James T Kirk, and picklin prize-winning preserves with Margie's mama.

Over the next two weeks I'll be busy in the kitchen for two very different occasions! First: a cake fit for a four year old fairy princess (been working on a mood board as always!); Next: a cake for a coffee & terrier lover.  Watch this space.

Thanks For the Memories by Cecelia Ahern.
Far from the gritty novels that have been passing my bed as of late. I felt like a light & heart-warming (if not ultimately cheesy) read, and Cecelia has always done the trick. 

After years of indecisively picking up & putting down Moon at the video store, I finally got the chance to sit down and watch it (thank you recordable telly). What a film! Nearing the end of a three-year mission astronaut Sam Bell, who's only companion is a computer named GERTY, is set to go home to his loved wife and little girl. Truly a fantastic film with a heartbreaking turn from Sam Rockwell. What the hell took me so long? 
(Now to source a copy of Stuart Fenegan's Suave Bastard…)

Jeff Buckley's Grace was part of a vast soundtrack to my senior year of high school & still has the ability to tug at my heart strings. There's just no denying this track:

What are your currentlys? I'd love for you to share.


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