the comic con of cakes

Over the weekend Earl's Court opened it's doors to the Cake & Bake show - a sort of Comic Con of the cake world (which coincidentally the last time I trekked to Earl's Court, I mingled with the likes of Chewbacca, a few Daleks, and mr bluebirdcage was met by an angry Eddie Furlong in the loo. But that's another story…).

I spent Sunday wandering an endless sea of baked goods & cookery stalls; cakes singing my name from every direction. My siren: a little slice of chocolate peanut butter and pretzel heaven from Tea with Tom. 

In the Cake Kitchen, I was introduced to the baking world of Stacie Stewart -  a cute as hell mod baker with a beehive to die for.  In the Bakery, Eric Lanlard dropped the words 'pecan pie' 'sexy' and 'thanksgiving' - needless to say, I was in my element. And in Classroom 2, GBBO alumn Baking James showed us all that it is a-okay to be absolutely nerdish about baking some Brilliant Bread; mid-demo, we were sneakily joined by an assortment of team GBBO 2013 - half of the Baker's Dozen to be exact! (Fingers crossed some of their luck rubbed off on me in that little demo room).

Too overwhelming for words, I'll leave you with some of the sites from the day. 

oh beehive: incorporating a little social media into the routine

playin with dough



shameless selfie


  1. Squeeeee! This makes me want to go to the Cake & Bake Show!!!!

    Good job documenting it for us, Kayla :)


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