The Day I Iced a Badger

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the iced biscuit. The nostalgic messiness of the decor. Colour stained fingertips from cleaning the piping bag. Lines of brightly-coloured icing running down your apron. There will always be so much to learn about decorating these little fellas - and to me, that's the best bit!

Enter the Biscuiteers School of Icing!  This little biscuit boutique first passed my sights one fateful valentine's day, when a supplier sent me this lovely little cookie-gram from the Biscuiteers's fashion range. It was love at first bite. Three years on, this biscuit e-tailer has opened a cute little boutique & icing cafe in Notting Hill where on any given day, tourists walk by flashing their lenses at the infamous window displays.

always a tourist 

step inside the looking glass 

For my birthday, mr bluebirdcage took the hint to an over exaggerated wink & nudge, and signed me up for today's icing class.

Walking into the boutique, I was greeted by Lorena (window display baker extraordinaire!), who ushered me & two other girls downstairs to the Icing Cafe where tables had been prepped with un-iced cookies from the Woodland Collection, a rainbow of piping bags, cotton printed aprons (keepsakes for the day!), and a compliment of teas & coffees.

sweet nostalgia, here I come

Over two hours, we were taught basic techniques such as lining & flooding, and even had a mini icing-prep tutorial.

coffee & icing 

badgers, foxes, bugs & bunnies...oh my!

obligatory oven shot

Along with our new-found biscuit icing knowledge, the Biscuiteers showered us with a goody bag filled with their Book of Iced Biscuits, a tin to put our goodies in, and a School of Icing Certificate of Brilliance. I'm a certified Biscuiteer ya'll!

 goodies (plus a little extra buy - icing tools!)

the loot 

my very own woodland collection

ready for their closeup

just me & my badger

If you're on the search for a fun & intimate baking class with friendly people, then this is your place! Thank you to Lorena, Becky & the Biscuiteers family! I'll be seeing you soon.xx


  1. Icing cookies: a baking skill I do not possess. You're a boss at it though!


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