Friendsgiving 2016

This year’s Friendsgiving was a more intimate gathering than previous years. We’ve had such a big year for parties at the house: Bax’s little gathering, Tony’s 50th, our wedding… frankly I’m tuckered from all the planning for a little while. (How the hell did I plan a wedding three months after the squidge arrived?!)

This year we all took it on. Pot luck style. Boy, did it make a difference. 
All the old favourites were there: turkey, maple ham (bathed in coca-cola…whoa mama!), mama’s taters, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, sausage stuffing, devilled eggs…chocolatey pecan pie, pumpkin pie and peach cobbler. With enough to spare for all over the next several days. 
Cobbler for breakfast. Can I get an Amen?!

Bax had apple puree’d porridge. Mmmm. Welcome to thanksgiving little buddy.

As plates were emptied of our seconds, the sun was setting to a cotton candy pink sky. It’s a Wonderful Life was somehow miraculously on the telly and we all tuned in to watch Clarence get his wings. T’s never failing Henry Potter impression had us in stitches. (God, I love that man.)  And from the depths of the emotional robot that is Katy, a tear flooded the corner of her eye when the bells started to ring.

It is a wonderful life.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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