lazy day links

Another day of weather flitting between crisp autumn sun and blustery downpours. The squidge and I are spending a post-cake & mum meet up in the comfort of our little bedroom. Christmas music on flow (as it has been over the last few days). 

Tomorrow the tree goes up. A bit early some might say, but we've got our own sentimental reasons. Following that, the first of two thanksgiving celebrations will be held at the weekend. I'm really looking forward to introducing my new family to a favourite holiday. 

Here's a few lazy day links for ya'll:

Kinda wanna try this on the thanksgiving table - sweet and savoury mash 

Hooray for not being preggo this season. Bring on the brie

Cute conversations between the littles.

Super bad knits. Have you bought your Christmas jumpers??

This is super satisfying - destroyer.

This classic christmas playlist is perfection. 

These little beauties are totally on my want list for chrimbo. 


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