jumble sales and the 'b' word

Today we set off into the damp haze of fall for a few jumble sales dotted around Mussy, where we stumbled upon a treasure trove of children’s books for 50p each. Santa stocked up on classics for the little man.

We wandered up the hill and fuelled up with a shared cheese and ham toasty from Flesh and Flour, a macchiato for me and a cappuccino for T. The squidge lay there. Out like a light. Paci dangling on the edge of his lip. Bless the quiet moments.

The main aim for the day was Christmas shopping. At the best of times, a Christmas crowd can make me want to hide in a hole. (Just how I made it through working retail the last two years is beyond me!) So I’m trying to get all the shopping out of the way before the month’s end. We’re also pulling out a word I’ve never used before: Budget. (What’s that???) In order to make it fun, and feel like we’ve got a few gifts under the tree, we’re adhering to this little four gift rule:


Looking forward to seeing what we come up with.

Do any of you theme your Christmas buys?


  1. So glad you are blogging again, girl!

  2. I've missed it, but B man was callin! ;) so glad you still want to read it!!Xx

  3. Ah I saw the 'want, need, wear, read' somewhere else. Great idea! Nice to see people keep things simple ��
    Also something I saw, wrap 24 books and put them under the tree with a blanket on 1st December. Then unwrap one a night and sit and read together with the blanket, definitely going to adopt that one �� its the little things isn't it xxx - Becky

  4. Love your blog. Always have. - Aunt Beth


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