Columbia Road Flower Market

Today the boy and I ventured out to the Columbia Road flower market. I've always wanted to go, but have never made the effort of trekking out east so early in the day. 

At 7am, that mischievous internal clock of mine did his thing. He's a goodn' that clock of mine - and he must have a twin, because Tone woke up not to shortly after. By 9.30 we were catching our first glimpse of the flower stalls that line Columbia Road. Vendors shouting to and fro, vying for our attention. 

"Three for a tenner!!" 
"Choose wisely, we're not here for returns tomorrow!"

We walked down the road, choosing which stalls we'd come back to on the way home. 
We trawled numerous vintage & hand-crafted shops - picking up two ceramic egg cups from NOM Living and an Anthony Burrill print from Nelly Duff. And stopped for a very strong americano and pastries from the lovely Lili Vanilli - a sausage roll for the boy, and a beetroot and carrot roll for me.

It was a lovely day down on the east-side. If you're ever in town on a Sunday, you should definitely try your luck. The market is open from 8am till 3-ish.
Remember: the earlier the better!


  1. These pictures are amazing. Much love to you and TK!

    1. that means alot coming from you, my little photography flower!
      thanks darlin! much love to you too.x


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