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Happy Sunday ya'll! How have your weekends been?

I'm adjusting to working on Saturdays, but must say it's been a-okay. Much better than I thought it would be. Spending the day chatting to people from all walks of life - the eccentrics, the snobs in a hurry, the down-right lovely people who just want to talk about birds. Each one entertaining in their own right. 

Last night, T and I had a lovely night entertaining the neighbours with veggie lasagne, banoffee pie, a cheese plate (sided with garlic-stuffed olives, and my new favourite nibble: cream cheese stuffed sweet peppers. It's the good shit), and copious amounts of wine. Carrying on in that spirit, today we're off to town to spend time with some of our dearest. More food. (Less wine.) More fun. 

I'll leave you with a few links I've stumbled over in the past week.
Please share some of your favourite findings.

Cup of Jo blog's " Conversations with a four year old" is just adorable. Makes me miss this little girl.

These lovely free Poolga Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - I especially love:
Ruby Taylor - BatterMix 
Lizzie Kevan - Cutlery 

Shini Park's Pinterest is fully of soft, clean, and dreamy imagery. 

Loving Anthony Burrill's Letterpress prints

This You Can Sit With Me Tee needs to be in my closet.

Love this idea for record storage

These tool erasers would be a fun accompaniment to my doodle pad!

A little flare - Trouble Pin.

Wonderful and weird creations by Mica Angela Hendricks and her five-year old.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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