DIY: Build Your Own Mini Garden

With the wind down of summer approaching, I've been dreaming of mini gardens bursting with succulents filling up otherwise dull spaces in the home.
This copper and glass terrarium has been on my wishlist for a little while now, and was recently gifted to me (to my surprise) by one of my lovely customers.*

You can build your own terrarium by following the four steps below. It's so simple, and so satisfying!

Step one:  Line the bottom of your clean terrarium with pebbles - this helps to irrigate your little eco system when watering.

Step two: Thinly cover your layer of pebbles with soil. Make sure that the soil is suitable for the plants that you have chosen.  I used Levington's desert cactus & bonsai compost.

Step three: Gently remove your plants from their original pots and massage their soil to break it up. You want to leave their roots intact, but soften the soil enough so that you can have a better handle on where the plants will sit in your terrarium. If you do not break the soil down, then you will not be able to sit your plants side-by-side in their new home. (save the discarded soil for step four)
Rest your plants on top of the pebble and soil layer, placing them in your desired positions.

(Tip: Choose low maintenance, non-growing plants such as succulents or cacti for your new little indoor garden. Succulents tend to be fragile and their leaves often break when handling. Likewise, cacti can be little pricks. So take extra care.)

Step four: Seal your plants into their final position by filling up the empty spaces with a mix of your purchased soil & the soil that was discarded from the plants. You will want the soil filler to sit evenly with the plant's existing soil line - this will keep it looking nice!  Pat down gently.

(Tip: Add little gnomes or other mini decor for a more playful presentation. Perfect for your littlen's room!)

Lightly water your terrarium and sit back and admire your new little garden!

*If you're reading this Lila, I cannot thank you enough! Let's go out for a coffee sometime. My treat.


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