A number that often throw's twenty-somethings into a flurry of panic. I've decided to embrace it. Play with it. Make it young again. After all, I don't feel any older!

Invites designed by Buddy & Bean inspired a theme of soft pinks, golds, and metallics.

The garden and flat were strewn with foil confetti and an assortment of balloons & fringed strands, while a geometric piƱata hung brightly in wait in the corner of the garden. I donned my golden party hat and was ready to play! 
(all hand-made by Southern Belle Makes! And soon to be available in my easy shop!) 

Having arrived from holiday at 1am the night before, friends and family chipped in to supply a southern feast! All the favourites were there: green bean casserole, mama's taters, fried green tomatoes, boozy chocolate pecan pie, & mac -n- cheese! Each dish packed with extra love - whipped up and baked by some of my nearest and dearest. I cannot thank them enough!  The boy even surprised me with a beautiful pink (and glittery!) cake by Lily Vanilli!

The party played well into the night with sugar highs, dancing, copious amounts of cheese and wine, and wonderful smiling faces.

Guess I'm a lucky (thirty year old) girl.


  1. Glad to know you are happy. Continue to embrace life as you always have, making the most of every moment. I love you! Aunt Jan

    1. Thanks Aunt Jan. I miss and love you!xo


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