hot toddy

Fall crept himself through the door yesterday, leaving us with a crisp air and his acceptance to pull out our cosiest clothes from the depths of our wardrobe.

Inescapedly, Fall's entrance has also left me with a a slight head cold. It's time to stock up on lemsip, snuggle in warm jammies, sip on home made soups, and burrow under the duvet.

I have adolescent memories of my aunt visiting us one year with a head cold. She rooted through our pantry in search of whisky (which she pressed to find in our conservative cupboards). After a several minute absence, she arrived back from the corner shop with ingredients for a hot toddy - a warming concoction of spices, honey, citrus and whiskey. I remember watching in awe, as my rebellious aunt educated me on this old-fashioned cold cure. 

Honey helps to sooth the throat, while the citrus gives you a much needed vitamin boost, and well…the whisky helps to take the edge off. There are numerous variations to this old-boy's remedy - the base liquor alone is cause for debate. But one things for sure, this little cocktail is a comforting companion.

Here's a little look into how I concoct mine:

2tbsp kentucky bourbon 
1tbsp honey
2tsp fresh lemon juice
1c boiled water
1tsp cinnamon
dash of nutmeg & one star anise seed to garnish

mix all the ingredients together. sip. (feel better)

How do you make yours?


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